I keep unintentionally standing someone up?

So today I was suppose to hang out with this guy I've been talking to for 3months and everytime we try to hang out it gets cancelled mostly because of me but sometimes because of him. Today he asked me twice if I could forsure hang out and I was 100% sure I could, but an hour before it was time my mom told me I couldn't go out. I don't even know what to tell him because at this point I'd be done trying with me if I were him so I'll completely understand but I'm not intentionally doing this. What should I text him and tell him? I'm 19 by the way


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  • Call him, and make sure your mom knows about your plans prior so that it really IS 100%.

    Also, your 18+ if it's just your mom being an ass tell her you need some space.

  • "but an hour before it was time my mom told me I couldn't go out" <---- but... but u r an adult! yer mom cannot do that!! no?

    • I live under her roof so her rules

    • @asker maybe she kinda needs 2 relax then and realise u r an adult?

      and wot "roof" means? gosh u r her child! not some random guest

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