Why do men try treat me like w baby me all time? Question about one man mainly?

Most guys I come across treat me like child like i can't do anything. With hard or easy stuff they just do it with for me without asking them. They just try and take over. I mean it's a turn on but sometimes it gets to much like to point where it makes me feel weak
example: I was holding clothes and this guy opened the door for me and said in going to open the door for you. I'm not going to act like an asshole for once. And I'm going to be a gentleman. He always does everything for me, which is weird. Like he tries to lead everything. He will even punch out of work for me with my card. He is always careful what he says to me, and if I don't laugh at something he says then he just doubts himself and says just kidding or just acts weird. He has a gf tho so I don't understand. With other girls he is just flirty and is extremely obnoxious.
He also laughs at everything i say even though it's stupid and something little. And whenever he watches me even if he's doing something his body is always faced toward me. Like he wants my attention even though he's on the phone or doing something else
Since I spent a good amount of time at work, I go by men's behavior there. Men do similiar things like him except not as much. The rest of the men just help me in general and just try and do my work. Even the my managers always give me good credit for my work. So I know my work isn't poorly done.


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