A girl asks you to hang out with her friends, does she like me?

So a girl I have known for 6 months or so who I hardly see asked me if I would like to hang out with her friends in the next few days.
I like this girl and I think she likes me too but we have not been in close contact due to being busy. We have only communicated by text message, I asked her to hang out a few times before but she said she was busy, then months later with no communication between us we run into each other and she asks me if I want to hang out with her friends in the next few days, I said sure and she would get in contact soon. Did she only ask me to hang out because she saw me in person? Would she have asked me if she didn't see me in person? Does she like me? Does she want her friends to meet me before she does anything else? Why would she not invite me out one on one?

Edit: She wants me to hand out with her and her friends, not just her friends


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  • To me it kind of sounds like she wants to hook you up with one of her friends. If I liked a guy, I would ask him to hang out with me, not my friends.


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