Questioning a guys intentions and looking for some advice?

Hi guys, thank you so much for your advice. I'm finishing up another degree and because of that I've been living with roommates for the past two years. One of my roommate has some serious issues and last night I tried to talk to her about how her behavior had been affecting our relationship, I was really trying to improve our relationship and just make the house more comfortable. She did not react well to me trying to speak with her and started yelling at me, long story short she ended up hitting me out of no where. The situation has been handled and I was not really hurt, I luckly have an amazing male roommate who stepped In. I texted the man I've been dating, long distance for now as he does not live near my college, that I had been hit. I didn't call because of the time change and he has had a rough few days, it wasn't a big deal and I've taken care of it but his response really hurt my feelings. Instead of calling me and making sure I was ok, he sent a text-this morning-thanking me for being there for him and asking what happened. Let me be clear I don't need someone to fight my battles for me or take care of me, but I feel like if he really cared he would of called instead of texted. I understand that he has had a rough past few days with, so I'm worried that maybe I'm asking too much? I'm just looking for some advice from an objective source


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  • If your question it... its probably bad!


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