Boyfriend in high school?

I've only had one boyfriend and we dated for seven months at the end of sophomore year and part of junior year. We met because we sat at the same table in a class. But it's been six months since we broke up and I wish I could meet someone else. I feel like the only way to meet someone is to have a class with them. I've been pretty shy all my life but I'm pretty funny when you get to know me and I actually like to have meaningful conversations. I don't really love the way I look but people tell me I'm cute, but boys never talk to me. I only have one guy in my classes that actually talks to me, but he likes another girl. Do I just have to wait until next year and hope I have a guy in one of my classes that I can be friends with and see where it goes?


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  • Have you tried talking to that guy? Even if he likes that girl, he may come to realize that you are better for him. Try talking to him and being open around him, he will definitely notice you more if you make an effort to communicate with him. Good luck!


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  • How about you approach a guy?


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