Does my crush likes me?

He saw me hanging out with this other guy and he texts me saying he saw me with him and that he's not good enough. A friend of him saw us and said "Awww you guys is a very cute couple" a lot of time and he didn't correct him about the fact that we're not together. He kisses me in front of his friends and everything. However, he never text me first. Most of the time I text him first, and if we don't text everyday he's still ok with that. I'm so confused. Does he like me back or no?


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  • if he's willing to kiss you in front of everyone, then yes he likes you. as for being OK with not texting you everyday, take that as a sign that he trusts you. i'd say ask him out sometime, also if you want him to text you first sometimes, every now and then ask him to text you


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