Do I have a right to be mad at him?

Been talking to this guy for like a week, we both establish we weren't looking for anything but if a relationship did come up we wouldn't be opposed to it either. Anywho, so we were suppose to hang out after he got off work at 10:30 pm. but then he text me asking if I'd be up late because his friend wanted him to hang out with him, and that he'd at max be gone for an hour. Long story short, we ended up not hanging out. I'm irritated because I feel like that's just plain rude to semi cancel plans with someone so you can make plans with someone else. I kind of want to tell him so, but my friend thinks I'd only have the right to be mad if we were dating or together. Thoughts?


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  • I'll answer your question with a question. If Kate Upton wanted to hang out with him, would he choose to hang with his friend instead? Actions speak louder than words.

    • So you're saying he doesn't view me as important? I'm not really 100% on what you were trying to get across.

    • I'm saying that if you were important to him, he would make time for you.

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  • Let him be. He clearly is confused and sees you as nothing but a booty call in my opinion. If that is the way you want to be treated, then take that treatment by all means.


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  • I can see why your upset, and I don't blame you. It's pretty rude for a change of plans at the last moment just to hangout with someone else.

  • Punch him in the weiner.


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