Asked out someone for the first time need help, tips?

So I got my nuts together and at last I asked this girl out (kind of)
I have to go with my little sister to some park so I used it and asked my crush if she wants to join us. She agreed, BAM Jackpot! Now what? I'll go there my sis will be busy and then she will come, I know I need to communicate and all that but I'm inexperienced and more than hey how are you is hard for me. We are both not so open social people, kinda shy (I think I'm more). I would like to hear suggestions what to do and how to do so I could conquer her heart and stuff like that.


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  • You need to focus on the things you both have an opinion on. Say, you're really into gardening but she doesn't know anything about it, it doesn't make for a good conversation topic. Do you know her from school/college? Talk about teachers, your majors, future plans etc. Generally it is always a good idea to ask a lot of questions to show that you're interested in her, but only if you really are!

  • just be your self and relax, just treat her like one of your friends, and when your more comfortable with each other talk the next step

    • Here's the problem
      What is the next step? What do I do there? How? When?

    • I don't know like flirt with her, or just telling her how you feel and were you wanna go next. Honesty is kinda always the best scenario if you like her a lot. If you wanna go slow just flirt with her and im sure she'll get the hint

    • and have fun

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