Name your idea of a romantic place to take someone on a first date?

Name your idea of a romantic place to take someone on a first date?

Name a place you would like to go with a guy or girl in a first date, some place that will really show off your skills to set the mood. Remember your trying to make them feel special so I'd personally say your a moron if you say mc Donald's... LoL but give it a try and I hope it works out for you.
Here's a few of mine but the really good ones stay hidden

1. Los compadres

2. Laugh factory

3. Orange county mining company

4. Orange hill restaurant

5. Green field

Name your idea of a romantic place to take someone on a first date?


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  • The Beach... Picnic on the beach. Sail or go fishing afterwards. Watch the sunset and rise. Then again, maybe not a boat for the first date in case he's a bit coocoo.

    I've always wanted a simple date at the coffee shop. Its public and romantic lol.

    • Everyone says coffee shops nowadays but damn, I never even been to Starbucks unless I was going for my manager...

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • My pleasure

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  • 1. I'm not a romantic person.
    2. Romantic "first" date? Romance already? lol. Wouldn't you still be getting to know them?

    These would be my first date choices (:
    Ice skating.
    Go kart racing.
    Theme park with plenty of roller coasters.

    • I don't get it, I thought the first date was suppose to be smooth and a lasting impression, what kind of impression are you leaving at a theme park? Sounds like a place where 2 buddies go kick it when their bored on the weekend.. But I think I understand, you said your not romantic sooo...

    • Well it depends, if you already know this person before you start dating and have strong feelings than yes I agree with the all out romance rondayvoo but if you're barley getting to know someone, being romantic seems a bit sudden. I'd prefer a place I could go to get to know them. I suppose a restaurant. I don't recognize some of the places you put on your list but I'm assuming most are restaurants, right?
      Laugh Factory? That's not romantic lol but I agree with that option on a first date. Well, maybe second date if you're still getting to know them since that wouldn't really be a great setting to talk.
      A date to an amusement park or fair can be romantic! Why not? Sharing ice cream, holding hands, riding a ferris wheel, relax and be silly as well. Share an unexpected kiss. Hmm, I guess it depends on the person as well and apparently you're not a theme park guy lol.

    • Well I am a theme park guy and I just say it's not romantic because I live in California and the theme parks are always over crowded so I haven't been in yeeeeeaaaaarrrssss... lol laugh facory, perhaps you're right but I just assumed it can be romantic if you're holding the other persons and and stuff but yeah that one should be exed out. It seems like you're also right about the idea of either getting to know someone vs already knowing them and showing them how you still feel about them or something. Kind of like an anniversary or showing your true feelings for the first time and proposals.

  • I've never been on one but I'd be impressed if he took me to:
    -An Aquarium
    -A Garden, but I'd need some food...
    -Any stand-up show, It's be cool to know we share humor tastes, or don't..
    -A place with cool coffee and almond milk. I love coffee.
    -A pizza joint with amazing pizza
    -A sports game, preferably soccer because I know the rules and actually enjoy watching it haha

    I really wouldn't expect anything fancy, just something cool that could give us both an insight as to who we are
    I'm not a person that would feel comfortable in a fancy place with like 80 forks and spoons haha

    • Those are pretty cool idea, I like the way your mind works ! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ½

  • I'd only take her out for coffee, after all you still need to get to know her, right?

    • Coffee? But aren't you suppose to do that at the restaurant or something?

    • Oops, sorry, I don't know where you live. Where I am, there are lots of small cafes where you can get coffee and maybe a piece of cake, but that's about it.

    • No need to apologize. I live in California and there's a place called Starbucks, or small coffee shops but that's about it... That's a great answer though thank you, I just assumed when being romantic you need to go places to impress, upscale seas attire like business casual, and fancy waiter's to take your order and stuff

  • Lol wouldn't matter to me. I'd prob act stupid in front of him wherever we would be :p While I like romantic stuff, give me a spontaneous adventure for a date any day ;)


What Guys Said 3

  • A few of my locations are

    The Metropolitan a pricately owned coffe shop in town that had fresh baked goods, arm chairs and couches, fireplace and there is often live entertainment from local bands and singers, as well as swing dancing.

    Cosmosphere which is a space museum revolver around war, aviation and space. And has the second largest collection of space artifacts in the United Stated it also had an Imax theatre, star show and a cool gift shop lot by black lights.

    Skaets a really cool retro diner that has been here since the 40s you can sit up right by the grill at the bat and talk with the chef which is cool.

    Fraese Soda Fountain @ Grill, an old fashioned soda doubt own with a cool retro look and is just a overall cool place to eat and they have an actual prescription drug store at the back of the restaurant.

    State Fair lol now this place is a lot of fun, animal birthing, pig races, rides, food, events etc.

    Rod Run a really fun car show were people live muscle and classic cars up and down downtown to be looked at, there racing, food, dancing, classes and a bunch of other stuff.

    Downtown chili cook off, need I say more?

  • Just a normal revolving restaurant overlooking at the ocean. We have that in Vancouver

  • Well sea beaches are perfect for that


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