Are nerdy, shy men desireable?

I am a shy, socially awkward and sometimes bitter young male. I am roughly 20 and have very little female friends and, well naturally, even less prospects at a relationship at this point in time. Out of boredom I read an article from a more female oriented magazine (cosmo?) about how nerdy men are perfect companians and popular now. I am not naive enough to take their crock of horse shit at face value. Logically, if I was a perfect partner I would have pursuers, right? I digress. My question is for the tl;dr folks is this:

Is there a market amongst women for nerdy, awkward men?

I expecting a variety of answers but to the people who would tell me to just stop being shy let me assure you I have tried. I want to be my self. This isn't a hook me up thread and I am not pining for companionship. I think it would be nice but I do not want to stuff my self into a stereotype for love.
I was asked to define nerdiness. For me, beinf a nerd entails having "traditional" nerdy likes and being well educated in specific fields, hard to relate to fields. I am a military otaku and a finance otaku.


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  • Yes but bitterness is very unattractive.

    • That is an amazing point and something I have spent a long time working on.

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    • I selected this as mho because I've never heard this before.

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  • Yes. To some women. It depends on the "look" for me though. I mean, the stereotypical nerd look doesn't turn me on. But this?

    Do you honestly think it's going to matter? :)

    • So excluding glasses what part of him even hints anything that resembles nerdiness?

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    • I lold so hard thank you xD

    • Thank you! I appreciate the answer. I am curious to see what a lot of other people think as well.

  • I actually personally go for nerds a lot of the time XD but there is a lot of people who do and a lot of girls who don't. I'm a nerdy girl but not like stereo typical. I like star wars I like reading I'm a straight A student and I wear glasses but I also party and I don't look like a "nerd" so its just a matter of who is compatible with you and who isn't.

    • Thank you for your contribution. It is nice to know the taste for my kind exists.

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    • That is really sweet. Thank you.

    • Hahaha no problem

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