Does the media have an agenda on interracial dating / couples?

Do you think it is trying to promote it, is it against it, or is there no agenda either way?

I never thought about this before, but another user suggested there may be, so was interested to know what people thought?


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  • Yes, for sure in a lot of marketing. While, I am not against the idea of interracial dating... In the area I live in the African American community caries 90% plus of all HIV / AIDS, so I would not date an African American or a girl who I knew had been with black guys.


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  • I think it is. Everything little thing media does is intentional. Everything.


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  • it's my opinion that the media has a agenda in anything they broadcast. it's simple if we as humans see, hear, smell, or feel things on a regular basis we become accustomed and to things which were once forbidden or taboo...


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