Why people associate lunch dates with friendship?

People tell me don't take women on lunch date because she will reject you and think it not serious date just like a friend.

But people don't understand I don't see dates as opportunity for sex to happen. I don't even plan or want have sex on first date.

Why should I segregate my dating life to the night. There is so much more fun things you can do during the day.

When I take women out on lunch I don't explain why it during the day. I really not that much of night person.


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  • If a guy would take me to lunch I wouldn't associate it with friendship. Maybe it just depends on the person but I think, as you said, there are more fun things you can do at daytime.


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  • Sometimes what a "date" is gets misunderstood. I went out to meet a girl once and bumped into her friend later and she asked me how the "date" was. We talked in a pizza parlor and drank soda, no food. I didn't realize it was a date. I was just bored and felt like chatting. I didn't like her because she was extremely judgmental and honestly quite boring to talk to. She never had much to say. So I left without giving it a second thought.

    Everyone has different opinions on what a "date" is.


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  • It changes people to people. Someday You will find a woman who wants a real relationship like you;)


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