This girl kept asking me what I wanted from her? should I just tell her?

she asked me that twice at the bar last night when i was around her , i though it was pretty obvivous what i wanted but maybe she didn't know. she's a bit younger than me and really good looking , i want to have sex with her and date her. but the sexual feelings are very intense and don't know if i'm coming on too strong. or if i should be more open about things , its weird things have evolved m when i first meet her i liked her and was attracted to her but a lot more sexually attracted to her now than at first , i didn't realise at first how attractive she was and she has appealed to me more as she matures a bit


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  • What were you doing for her to ask you what you want?

    • she was sort of dancing near me and wearing this revealing top I kept glancing at , I tried to talk to her at the bar , saw a lot of her that night

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    • I only have her on twitter and don't even hear much from her , I agree a date might lead somewhere

    • DM her on twitter. :)

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  • do u like her in just a sexual way or want a proper relationship with her and not just fwb?

    • I'd be interested in both , I think a relationship me interested but she'd also be fun just to have sex with

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