Is it ok to date a guy 4 years older than you? if you're 16 going on 17 soon?

there's this guy i rally like. he's the most attractive man I've known in real life (and more attractive than many celebs too haha). but on top of that, he's not cocky or a douche, he's a very sweet nice person, he also seems kind of interested in me, maybe. Im not attracted to anyone my age because they are all immature and rude if they are at all attractive, is it ok if i date him? i know the half age +/- 7 rule would say that it was ok for him to date someone 17.5 y/o, would i be ok?
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we both have drivers licenses too so thats not a problem haha
also to 21 year old guys, would you be into mature 17 year old (wow that sounded bad lolol)


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  • So he's 21?

    I guess it's alright, just be careful.

    • its not bad that he can drink? i mean, i wouldn't drink even if i could, its just people bring that up all the time like its a big deal, and i totally trust him, he's a super sweet person:)

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    • No worries :)

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • Look up the age of consent in your state. If you pass it, then yeah it is no problem at all.

  • Sure go for it


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