Why does she keep staring at me? Was it because I did the same in the beginning?

I work with a few collegue in a restaurant front of house. This girl that works with me is fairly new. Since she was new, she was the topic on everyones mind. With that being said when I crossed her I would just stare in her eyes until we past each other. The first time it happened she said ''What''. I didn't really say anything about it. (She had blue eyes red hair, those eyes get to me, probably my type of girl and funny enough she was a pisces, Im cancer). Not to bring astrology into this I just found it to be a coincidence. Anyways days go by, I keep looking at her eyes. (Its a habit I do, I just stare intensily in peoples eyes, speacially if blue). Then all of the sudden she's doing it to me. I'd see her do it, I'd look away, then look back only to still see her looking at me. What is this? Girls help

I've been told Im handsome by family/friends but on the chubby side. Also she has a kid and is in a relationship What the F?


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  • Maybe she's interested in you...

    • But has a kid and a boyfriend? Talk about confusing...

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