Did girl go on an ego trip or just want me to want her now that she's better looking?

so i ran into this girl at bar last night and we have some history , i first meet her just before Christmas at same bar and added her to twitter after that but nothing really happened , she had been really interested that night but we didn't really do anything. then i meet another girl at same bar soon after and somehow she knew her and then got annoyed when i also added her to twitter then i didn't really hear much of her for a bit , did see her one other time around st patricks day.
then last night she was at bar again but her appearance has dramatically improved since i last saw her , she seemed pretty when we first meet but not stunning or girl you'd describe as hot and sexy. but last night she looked a lot different , i'd describe her appearance as something out of the pages of playboy it was that incredible. she was wearing this tiny white top that wasn't much bigger than some bras over her bra and showing at least 50% clevage ( her boobs are fairly big as well ) and showing off her sexy abs and pierced belly button. on top of this she was also wearing tight black yoga pants that showed off her butt which was also very sexy. her hair was also done up a lot nicer than before and looked longer. i just couldn't get over it and sort of wondered what changed as she never dressed like that when i was around before and she doesn't really post anything too sexy online that i've seen yet.

i'm thinking she was either on some sort of ego trip and she wants everyone to see how hot she is and every guy to notice her or she wanted me specifically to regret that i didn't make a move on her and could of had her? i say me specifically as she seemed to spend most of the night near me and made eye contact with me a lot , we also talked but she wouldn't go for the drink i offered to buy her.


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  • She was trying to make you feel regret. Ugh. Girls are mean, dammit.

    • but she still seemed interested as she was around me a lot , but I think she was also annoyed at me , she also asked me directly what I wanted from her. but I agree it was more directed at me for not going for her when we first meet and now she 's even better looking than before

    • Oh nooo... Well, if I were you? I'd "casually" show up at the same places she does.. Look hot as hell.. Give her eye contact.. Then leave before she does. Maybe even a smile.. But make her want YOU. Sounds like she already does.. She'll go nuts not knowing why you're not vying for her attn & chasing her. by the way, I only recommend doing this once!! lol Next time you see her? I bet she comes to 'you'.

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