Why is it that the types of hobbies a guy has, has a huge impact on his dating/mating market value more than the other way around?

It seems that the type of hobbies a guy has, has a huge impact on his attractiveness towards girls, I'm not saying that a girl needs to have any hobbies, she does, but it often seems to be the case, that a lot of girls find certain guys very hot and attractive, guys that are well-rounded with a full life with certain hobbies, and often times the guys hobbies will be very different from the girls hobbies. Why is this? Another way of putting it, it seems that it is far more important for a guy to have a "Life", than it is for a girl, or its just that the guy has to have a bigger life, more of a life than the girl does. Like the long and short of it, the way a typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is, is that the girl is part of the guys life, part of his reality, not the other way around.
Like there are many things that make a guy come across as "boring" to a woman, not so much the other way around


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  • I don't see this this often. I think it best if both have there own full life.

    And as I have a full life, I want my guy be like that too and independent. Guys with a passion or a hobby are also just more attractive and fit better in my lifestyle. This way i don't have to worry him being bored when I am out with my friends.


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  • Personally I do think the girl needs a hobby or two that she has some passion for. Like me being into fitness would find it to be a huge huge plus if the girl was a gym goer as well. Idle girls turn me off if they have no interests and tend to be blank slates which leads to a talkless meet where I just want to leave really badly.


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  • Well it gets hard when it comes to hobbies. A guy who wants to stay in every weekend and play video games is not my kid if guy. I want to go out, take walks, do fun stuff. It would e hard for me being cramped in a house all day especially because I'm nt a huge fan of video games.
    That's just an example. It's not necessarily his hobby that's the problem but his lifestyle. He's a more homebody kind if person and I'm not so sometimes I'm afraid our lifestyles will clash too much


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