So how do you ask a guy out?

My Bff has some questions about how to ask guys out. I'm drawing a blank we need your gagers help. How do you ask a guy out without sounding pushy or weird?


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  • First off, it has to be genuine :) You can't just ask someone out. Youv'e got to know them. Anyone in mind? And how long have you known them? Do you think they've got feelings? In which how do you know? All the questions will allow you to know if it's even possible to know if the person likes you, enough to even ask the out, in the first place.

    • Follow up question. How can you tell if he has feelings or not? Thanks this really helped.

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    • Fyi That last comment was my friend. She really likes this guy what you said was really helpful.

    • I'm glad your thought it was helpful. I know I didn't actually answer the question, of how you can tell. In which i was trying to make a point, that don't expect a lot in return. But to answer your question. I'd say, look, and see if he's looking into your eyes. Walk past him, and see if he's looking back at you. Guys will do that a lot, if they like a girl. If we really like a girl, will keep our eyes on them for a lot longer, than most. I think that might be the biggest sign. We also tend to empress you too. So, hope that helps too.

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