Should I contact him?

So I was seeing this guy whom I really liked but the relationship felt a little toxic. So one day out of the blue I said I wanted to say goodbye for good and he said cool. Now that I've had time (weeks) to reflect I want to see/talk to him again but I'm scared! Should I text him or just let it go?


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  • maybe w8 4 him 2 text 1st... otherwise leave it


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  • If it has been a few months then you can contact him. I don't see what's wrong with that especially if you were the one to leave regardless of your reasons. However I'd really reconsider if it's worth it. I mean he didn't fight for you when you said goodbye and just said "cool"? If he really wanted you he would have asked you to stay or at least contacted you during the weeks of separation.


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  • No! He didn't care, apparently so why should you? Also, if it's toxic, then it's toxic. Don't get back into that mess. You did the right thing. Sometimes time can make us forget the bad moments, but you felt what you felt for a reason. Trust yourself and don't contact him! EVER!


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