Why is he extra friendly to my friends?

Im not being weird or rude but why would i guy im dating be really really close to my friends and he wants them everywhere? I even had a fight with one of them because he thought im being jealous ( i was sharing my feelings with them and saying dont u guys think its weird and stuff) she went all mad and he was like i won't talk to her either and then 2 days i ago i find out he talked to her and asked her if she is mad at him but then she told him not to talk again its better cause i get jealous! Im not jealous just from day one he is so clingy to them and he would text them but not me and that kind of stuff..


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  • I'm like this. I'm very friendly with my GF's friends. Sometimes she thinks it's weird. It's just my nature: I want her friends to like me, I want to become friends with her friends, in a casual way.

    • He is not casual, he flirts and talks for hours with one of them

    • And he would tell her to stop talking about me if he bring me a lot

    • Oh ya that's definitely not okay.

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  • I was going to say maybe he's trying to be close to your friends to make you happy. But, sounds kinda suspicious for them to start talking without you.

    • I know i swear im not jealous no one believes this but i just it very very weird

    • I dont really think you're jealous.

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  • Because he thinks you're bothersome/annoying and if you keep being a jealous freak he will like your friend I'm serious

    • Your advice is ridiculous

    • Why cause you want me to tell you he just wants to be friends with your friends to be closer to you? If he texts them and ignores you my advice is the truth. No one likes a jealous/possessive girl. Bye

    • Hope you work it out :)

  • In my opinion i think he just wants you to trust him. He doesn't want you to be jealous he wants you to trust him. If you truly love a man you must trust him in order for you guys to take the right path. Trust is key. Take a while and just be calm about it trust him and maybe ask him questions every once and a while. Trust him and if you suspect something weird try to find out from that friend or him. But other then that trust him.


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