How to ask her out?

I really like this girl in my school. For a long long time now. Kept it a secret but spoke out and she found out I like her. Don't think she actually cares to be honest. Never makes an effort to speak to me and once called me annoying when I was being nice.

I want to ask her out but I know she'll say no anyway. Shall I just go for it or leave it?

I've never been out with anyone so that probably puts her off me


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  • I feel like you will never know unless you ask. You have nothing to lose bc she already knows you like her

    • Yes she knows but I highly doubt she'd go out with me, she's very good looking while I'm less than average

    • By asking her out will make you more confident. "Doing something your scared to do will make you gain self confidence." Who cares if she says no? At least then you know for sure. Stop assuming. You have nothing to lose she already knows you like her. Stop doubting yourself

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  • Just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? she says no?


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  • Don't ask her out if she thinks you're annoying lol


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