Does he like me? he seems a bit more friendly with me than he was before.

I met a guy in the fall in my waterpolo class, and unintentionally fell for him on the last day of class. During the fall term, we talked a few times, but not a lot. After the class ended, i added him on fb and messaged him about the class once, to which he replied immediately. I didn't see him during the winter term, but he's taking the class again now in the spring.

I've been trying to talk to him over the past few weeks, but he doesn't talk to me much; yet he has no problem interacting with the other guys in the class. There are only 3 girls in the class and I don't think he's talked to them.

However, I think he's warming up to me. Last week, he cheered me on when I had the ball (said "go az!") and gave me direction on how to play. While I haven't noticed him staring at me, he seems a bit more friendly with me than he was before. Does that mean that he's interested?


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  • You'll never know unless you ask him. Don't over analyze little things he does or doesn't do, it'll just drive you crazy. If you want to know if he likes you, just ask him


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