I'm sorry is it OK if I vent?

Sorry I just need to vent for a bit on here. I'm feeling very frustrated I don't understand girls who think that their guy friends should put them befote their gfs. I requested that my bf not have this girl he has been friends with alone in his apartment he agreed that that's a perfectly acceptable request on my end. I never said that he couldn't be friends or hangout with this girl but that I as his gf isn't comfortable with another women alone with him I'm his apartment its just a respect thing and not to much to ask. There are seriously so many other things they can hangout and do. Well this girl bitches on FB saying someone shouldn't let their partner tell them who not to be friends with. Obvs this is directed at me and I'm like is she serious I never said that they can't hangout just not alone in his apartment which is a far cry from saying they can't be friends. She was all well we were friends first I'm thinking that has nothing to do with it there are certain things that out of respect for a relationship just aren't done once one party enters a relationship. She acts like she should come before his own gf. My best friend I think hit the nail on the head when she said the fact that she is so upset that she can't be alone with him in his apartment that she is making a FB status about it shows that she is crazy and probably likes him as more than a friend. My bf agrees that she is being ridiculous cmon a FB status twisting what I said is that really necessary?


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  • Honestly, my answer may be a bit biased because I've had a bit of a history with this type of shit, but I think the most important thing in a relationship is trust.
    You need to trust your boyfriend and if he says you can trust his friend then you should take his word for it.

    My story, I was dating this girl a couple years ago and she didn't like the fact that there were some girls in my group of friends. She pretty much told me the same thing like u told ur bf... she said she didn't care if I chilled with some of my female friends if there were some of my male friends around as well, but she didn't want me alone with any of my female friends. That really pissed me the fuck off.
    I would always tell her that she needs to trust that nothing would happen but it was always an issue. Just because a guy is chilling with a girl, it doesn't mean that his intentions are to fuck her...
    We ended up breaking up for other reasons but that shit always got me fuckin annoyed

    • OK but fine talk to me or my bf about it not posting it on FB in my opinion it makes you look like the crazy ones. It isn't always about trist certain things are about respect. There is no need for another women to be alone with my man in his apartment certain aspects may need to change once someone enters a relationship. Its life and the person should be focused on making their so feel comfortable than a girl who is just a friend. Besides I never said they couldn't be alone. They can go out to lunch grab coffee whatever it isn't unreasonable to request them not to be alone in his apartment. Besides if it isn't shady why is a taken guy hanging out alone with other women all the time and not inviting his gf if it is innocent? You say you had tons of mutual friends then why couldn't you all hangout together?

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    • OK that makes more sense with the way you word it. I thought you were saying that it should be acceptable to have a girl alone at his apartment and leave me out. What you are referring to is different because you invited everyone and your gf happened to be unavailable which is much different then,"hey babe Sarah is chilling with me at my apartment tonight just her and I but you can't come. I think you missed the part in my post where j said she went ape shit and posted this publicly on FB which to be fair was crazy. A true adult would confront the person themselves without airing it out in FB making drama out of it and being passive aggressive.

    • If your bf is actually texting you stuff like that then ya, sounds like a bit of a problem. I guess talk to him about how you feel.
      And no, I didn't miss that part of your post. I was just commenting more so on the situation between you and ur bf and not so much on your situation with his female friend. She doesn't sound too intelligent. I hate people who decide fb is a good place to rant and talk shit about others. She should 100% speak to her friend about it, or better yet speak to you about how she feels.
      Since she won't come to u, maybe you should message this girl and have a talk with her, without starting problems out of respect for your bf. You can just talk things out and see what happens...

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  • I think most feel that you're taking them away from their friend or "changing" them. I know this because apparently I told a roommate's boyfriend while drunk that he was taking her away from me.

    I don't remember that. But I do remember feeling it. She DID change--she wasn't herself around him. She always agreed like a little puppy, would go do things with him, and put my relationship with her on the backburner... like I didn't matter.

    And I did similar things on FB too. Damn. That was childish.

    I understand both sides of the situation, but I agree that unless if she doesn't have valid reasons for feeling the way she does and is merely being selfish, she needs to stop.

    • Yeah what made me peg her as crazy was the fact that she posted about it on FB. Like you're really that distraught that you can't hangout with a taken man alone in his apartment that you have to tell the world and I'm the crazy one. Oookkl then. I wasn't really asking them to change though they are still able to hangout just not in the apartment alone. A female friend has to understand that a gf is going to come first that is the girl he is dating and trying to make happy and start a future with it makes total sense to put her needs wants and desires first.

    • I get that. But if she felt that he was changing towards HER--the friend--that can be hurtful. Like my roommate was but I understood that that's how some people and didn't say anything... or though I didn't... lol

    • Right I get that but then be adult and. speak to me posting about it on fb seeming obsessed and crazy about me not being OK with you hanging. out in my BFs apartment isn't going to put you in better light about it. It is so childish to make a fb status about it when you can literally speak to the person about the issue they are having

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  • Vent all you want; it's healthier that way.

    • Thanks guys for having my back Lol (:

  • It's all good just let it all out.


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  • That is really stupid. She should just back off. He's your boyfriend, and you should come before her. She should be glad you let them be friends at all because a lot of people don't. Sounds like she's just a bitch, pretty much.

    • Yeah true that Lol. I could understand more if I said you guys can't be friends or hangout but that's not the case at all. Even if I did say that to post it on fb makes you look like the crazy one not me. I agree it isn't crazy that I don't want another women alone with my man in his apartment. That girl be cray cray to think she should come first.

    • Yeah for sure. It's the fact that she seems to think she's more important than you that's so stupid. GF takes priority over female friend!

  • Your boyfriend's female friend is such a bitch. Doesn't she have her own boyfriend? If she doesn't, it's very likely that she likes your boyfriend since she could make such a huge fuss over something so trivial.


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