How to get over girl I could of had but didn't make a move?

This girl i like who has been flirting with me for weeks and I've seen her a lot and i really liked just got asked out by a guy me and my friends hang out with. And knowing she liked me. I was planning on making a move but the last time i saw her she was surrounded pretty much. The next couple days this guy asks her out and they become boyfriend and girlfriend and hook up. Its absolutely killing me inside knowing i had a chance at a girl i liked and was planning to make a move but that happens. I can't stop thinking about it because knowing he goes out with her all the time and i could of been. Thinking about it hurts to. I at least want to be best friends because she would say were best friends but i haven't even talked to her because i haven't seen her much since. Whats the best to at least talk to her when out if she's dating someone know? Its already hard for me because i can't get any girls already and its so depressing. I'm extremely nice and i just dont really know many girls i can contact or meet. All my friends can get one in seconds. I dont understand what I'm doing that i can't get one girl. I dont wanna be jealous but knowing this guy has gotten other girls to and hearing about it all the time hurts me again. Any suggestions even on meeting another girl? It just seems like i found a girl who actually liked me a lot and now i lost out.
Or getting over the fact i could of been with a girl who i liked.


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  • What's there to get over? Nothing happened

    • Knowing i could of probably had a girlfriend for the first time and its hard to get over knowing that.

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