I really need help! How should I contact my old flame? I want to tell him my feelings. Do I message him or not?

Hi guys, I'm pretty desperate. I really need to get in touch with this guy that I have been in love with for almost 4 years!!! We have had an on-and-off thing. 4 years ago, after we just met each other we went on a date. He was interested me and I also in him, but I panicked and broke things off with a mean message.

2 years later I contacted him again, but the tables have turned. He wasn't interested in me, and tried to take advantage of me by trying to have sex. Which I didn't do, but I did go further than just kissing. 2 weeks later after our last date in August 2013, I sent him a message but he never responded. So I cut things off with him. A year later, in August 2014, he sent me a facebook friend request. I accepted but never wrote him, nor did he write me.

I want to write him, and ask him what he's up to. Really need advice on this! I want to tell him how he made me feel, and just get it out of my chest. But I want to meet up with him in person to do that. What do I do?

Message him to meet up, message him without hinting you want to hang out (as in asking a favor), or drop it?
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  • I wouldn't do it. Why not focus on someone new?


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