Is a payed dating service worth it?

question says it all. is it worth paying to be a member of a dating site, vs using a free one?
anybody here payed for a membership at one point and could tell me if its worth it?
any opinion is welcome, thanks


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say avoid all dating sites.
    Most people who are on them are on sex sites as well and are all fucked up with being used as much as they have been.
    Find yourself little miss normal. Join a sports club or something is your best bet!

    • Dating sites are porn sites.

    • yes this is indeed what i would prefer to do lol but even then, its too hard for me to approach a girl

Most Helpful Guy

  • Nooope it's not. However if you're good looking enough and simply lack the confident, then the website maybe for you. But if you're average looking and possibly less attractive, the females will simply ignore you.

    • lool sadly i think you're right

    • My friend tried it out and no that friend is not me. He messaged at least 30 girl and because he was somewhat less attractive, only 1 girl message him back saying "Not interested in you in any way, move along". He did so much better by simply joining a gym and meet new people from there.

    • i hear ya... thanks for your feedback man!

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think usually paid sites have more serious users. As in they're more likely to be looking for a long term thing, possibly leading to marriage.

  • I suck at dating.. so I'm def not paying for my suckyness lol

  • I signed up for 3 months at Match (dot) com and that was a complete bust. I figured if we are paying for a service, there would be users interested in a relationship. All the men but one that contacted me just wanted a quickie/hook up... and the one decent guy told me before hand he wasn't looking for a romantic relationship, just companionship. I tried the free sites too, and got the same "Wanna f---?" messages. Could just be the area I'm in, but no thanks...


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm sure the quality will be higher compare to free site but at the same time, there will be less people (compare to free one). It a double-edge sword on this one.

    I'm not a big believer on using dating site. I prefer the old fashion way.

  • Paid dating sites are indeed worth it.

    Anyone can join a free site - including a lot of creeps and automated robots that spam other users. Paid sites, simply by requiring payment, cut out a lot of the undesirables - including people who can't hold a job. If someone is a creep and their account is suspended, they need to pay to set up a new account. It can get expensive.

    The overall quality of the membership will be higher on the paid sites. They are definitely worth it.


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