I don't know why I was left out?

My feelings are hurt by this. I have always been close to my mil and sils. My mil has 3 daughters and last weekend she had a spa and dinner date with her daughters. I'm usually included in these things and I wasn't even invited to this one for some reason. I love spas so its not that its not my thing. I re checked my phone and FB to double check that I didn't miss the invites and I didn't. I even asked my husband if his mom happened to mention to invite me to the spa day in case he forgot to mention it to me (you know how men can be). He said no. I told him about feeling confused and very hurt about the slight when I was literally the only one not invited. I told him not to say anything though because I don't want drama to be made out of it but that I'm hurt because his mom and sisters told me they see me as a sister/daughter. I have been with my husband all together 7 years now. Married for 2. We were both trying to think if I did something to offend them and we couldn't think of anything. My husband wants to bring it up to his mom because he agrees that it was rude ton leave only one out and then post about it on fb for the left out person to see and he said he hates seeing me hurt. Should I have him bring it up? I mean I'm pretty sure we can all agree it was rude on their end obviously to not invite me and then post about it for me to see but the question is should my husband ask his mom about it or should I or should no one?


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  • I think your husband should. He was not the slighted one and will be less emotional in the discussion. But if it was common to include you (which sounds like it should be) then you should not have been left out. And you should not remain silent because it does hurt you and will fester if left alone.

    • Yeah you guys are right. It will probably end up festering and then it will come out at the wrong time. I think I'm going to ask my husband to calmly talk to his mom and sisters and see if I said or did something to upset them that caused them to leave me out and take it from there.

    • That sounds like the way that will answer your questions and keep the peace. I hope the answers are noes that satisfy you and that you understand.

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