Something Special To Do For My Boyfriends Birthday?

I want to do something special for my boyfriends birthday. He lives an hour away and we barely get to see each other and it takes a toll on both of us. I want to do something special for his birthday. Im going to get him a ticket to an outdoor country concert becaues he loves Keith Urban and he is performing. I also want to take him out for dinner, but I don't know what else to do for his birthday. I want to do something special.


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  • Just spend time with him honestly. Go for a long walk, go take a random drive, go to the park. If you guys barely see each other then he'll love just having some face time with you.

    • Well I'm going down for the weekend and the Saturday he's having some friends over for a fire and party. Usually when I come down we just spend all day in bed cuddling and watching movies. So I want to do something extra special since I know the distance is taking a huge toll on him. he's been having some family issues lately and he's been kind of upset lately. Between having to deal with that and the distance I just want to make him feel special for once. He's always doing these cute little things for me and I just want to make him feel special for once.

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  • I would make a candle light dinner and obviously pick him up to do so than again you could take him to a concert. Country music rules

    • I don't have a car, so if I go down to his place I either take a train or he picks me up. The concert isn't until July

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