"Taking it slow" and confused by it all?

So I’m seeing this guy, it’s been going on for about a month. He says he wants to take it slow, he said not to completely rule out a relationship with him, but that he wants to take it slow. I see him like once a week. We’ve had sex. He’s introduced me to his friends and some family, he says he tells them that I’m “practically his girlfriend”, and he let me drive his truck, saying he doesn’t let any other girls do that. But, he doesn’t take me out. He goes out, but it's usually with friends, and I'm not invited beforehand, even though he texts me saying he wishes I was with him when he's already out. To see him, I drive a half hour to his house. He usually either has a bunch of friends over or already has plans for the day on the days when we plan to see each other and I drive over, often he has a bunch of errands to do, and I go grocery shopping with him. He gets touchy/grumpy towards me about little things, like if I eat too slow, if I’m on his side of the bed, if I get the blankets mixed up, if I don’t walk fast enough, if I want to cuddle and he doesn’t feel like it, if I get in the way of his morning routine. Sometimes, I feel like the least important thing in his life because it feels like he puts everything else before me. He also ignores my texts sometimes, and when I asked him for more of his attention, he said I’m being insecure and that I just need to relax and not think about it, he tells me to not worry or think about it, as in not to worry or think about what it is we are and where we’re going. I am pretty confused. He says he’s into me, but then there’s all this, and I feel like I can’t talk to him about it because he’ll think I’m being insecure. So really, I would just like some opinions on whether I should keep hanging out with him, or if this is a waste of my time and energy.


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  • Sounds like to me he isn't really interested into you other than what benefits him aka sexual needs. Doesn't sound like he's interested in actually getting to know you or else he'd want to go out with you on dates and not have friends around. Instead it seems he simply just wants to please himself until he can find someone better and likely just keeping you around for that reason.

    A guy taking things slow normally means he's taking it slow.. Not having sex, simply taking things a step at a time. A guy who uses this reason as a excuse is normally the type of guy you explained and normally it's used as a excuse to use a girl as a fuck friend basically. Normally a guy who is taking things slow wants to get to know you a lot before he does anything, this guy clearly doesn't really care about getting to know you as stated.

    I'd move on if I were you, you can do a lot better for yourself.

  • It sounds to me like this guy is really not interested in a relationship. I guess that's why he told you right off the bat that he wants to take things slow. I can understand where he's coming from. I'm at the same point in my life I feel. I am not interested in a serious gf because I don't really have the money or the time right now to take a girl out on dates, buy anniversary gifts, etc...
    Sounds like that might be the case for him as well. Maybe he met you and saw something there that he thinks can work out in the future.
    I'd say to give it a bit more time. Don't think of it as a serious thing, don't always be up his ass, so to speak. If after a bit more time nothings changed, then I'd say u can speak to him about it. Just ask him straight up if what u have is going anywhere, or if he just doesn't want to fully commit to a relationship. Based on his answer u take it from there


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