Would you say this is a positive response?

There's a girl I like, she knows I like her... I texted her tonight saying "I'm gonna hit the sack, long day tomorrow. Just wanted to say good night and sweet dreams" and she immediately texted back saying "same to u"

Opinions on that response?


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  • ... Aww. It is adorable how many guys get hung up... over nothing. It's a response that one would say to be nice.

    For instance, if you're complimenting one, I'm sure you're not expecting to hear one back. But they may do it in order to not make you feel bad or because they feel it's rude not to.

    • So you're saying she only reply just to be nice and that she doesn't really like me?

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    • Oh. Now that I know about the background, I do think that she cares for you. I wouldn't get hung up on that comment though.

      I would listen to your gut---be patient and wait it out. There DEFINITELY seems like there's something there. A woman showing up randomly at your work? That's a big thing.

    • Yeah she's done that several times, as I have for her as well... And we live and work on opposite ends of town from one another, and we live in Orlando a big major city...

      Usually when I show up at her job... I usually go under the guise of picking up a good friend who lives nearby , but I usually bring her something small like some candy or a nice card or something to make her day special, like a "just because" kind of thing

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  • If she literally just wrote back "same to u" that sounds a bit cold to me but I don't know


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  • she's a woman of many words hahah, but it wasn't a negative response! It was kind of dry, but I wouldn't worry about it.

  • She replied. If she didn't then she doesn't really care about replying.


What Guys Said 1

  • She sounds nice.

    • It's a positive response, but not necessarily any meaning type of response. Just keep it up.

    • I'm probably just overthinking it my initial text wasn't really meant to mean anything too serious anyway

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