Why do you think that white females tend to prefer black and latino (the brown/tanned ones) males over white males in majority of the cases?

Again, I am not talking about all white females. Of course there are few white females that prefer white males and I do not deny that, but the majority prefer guys with different racial bbackground, especially black and latino males.

Why do you think they prefer black and latino males? Is due to their natural tan/chocolate skin, fit/muscular body type, dark eyes and dark hair combination, their romantic/charming personality, their masculinity or what else?


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  • i think its rather opposite... i think the majority of white females are most attracted to white males, including myself.

    • Thats dissapointing

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    • @emilyyy23k And I'm not talking about you. Your Cool.

    • Im sorry i just had to comment im mixed black/white

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  • We've been over this before. Statistical data proves that your opinion is inaccurate.


    You asked this exact same question not 8 hours ago. It's getting sad.


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  • White privilege males are annoying.


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  • I think most people date within their race. It's usually because of gentrification. Most racial groups always live in similar areas. Take Detroit for example. The majority of the people there are black but the majority live in the inner city or close to it while the suburb areas around the city are predominantly white. So you're naturally surrounded by the people of your own race and become more accustomed to them.

  • In my experience this has not been the case. But, I live in a predominantly white area.

  • It's just the white females that are 400LBS & over with no teeth because they know guys like you who are desperate & are the only ones who will have them.

    And it's so obvious, that PISSES YOU OFF!


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