Was he just playing me? were those friends introduction just an act to losing up my guards?

He took me to meet his friends right after first date. He took me to different group of friends on third date. He told me he haven't take a girl to friends for awhile and asked if I like his friends.

We had sex at the end of third date, he stayed to cuddle and kiss and talk for awhile but couldn't stay over night. Before he leave he kissed me again and said "see you soon"

It's been a day and I haven't heard from him. I thought guys only take a girl to his friends if he is into her. I thought he was into me right from the begining but now his disappearing act says otherwise...


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  • Maybe he has just been busy. It would be pretty messed up to lead you on like that just to have sex with you once

    • Let's hope he is not that messed up...

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    • Don't worry about those who judge you by your age. it's their loss. There are way too many judgmental d bag out there.

    • he contacted me with a cold hi how was your day,... but the conversation went on.. he seems like he is talking like a friend.. he is not flirting with me at all... when I jokingly say it takes a strong man like him to handle me and no respond... not sure if he is just trying to tell me he wants to stay as friedns?

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  • someone who's serious - or who does have a clue at all - about what they're doing, wouldn't throw friends in the mix on the 2nd or 3rd date that easily.. you would want to know the person a little better before introducing them to your friends, isn't it? otherwise it's just like bragging about your 'catches' with 'the boys', it's just showing off. or - he's just so insecure that he needs his friends' 'approval' in order to start dating someone more seriously.

    • Yea it was first and third date. The friends group has girls and boys not sure if it makes any difference.

      I'm with you I'm very private and don't like mixing groups. I didn't introduce my last 2 ex to anyone even I've been with one of them for a year

    • I guess people have different levels of 'openness' when it comes to friend circles. surely the situation would be different - and more natural - if you just met through common friends and that would be the reason why you keep hanging out in large groups, instead of more intimate, 1-to-1 dates (at least as a starter).
      if you want to know more about the guy, try suggesting a day out, just you and him (no after-dark sex possibly), just to see if there's any difference in behaviour compared to when he's around other people.

  • I think he likes you for sure, but not sure if he loves you. Did you ask him or send him a message like "hey, how's everything going?" I think you should make a move at least to figure out what is he thinking, then you don't have to wait for him anylonger

    can you also help me here? thnx


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