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So recently I just got out of a 3 year relationship, since then I have been taking care of myself and learning to love myself before I attempted to love someone else again. I'm still young so there is still a lot to learn and expirence. I don't know much about love other than I always find some way to fuck it up. So I need advice on which one of these guys sound like the better pick. Be honest!
Josh; Josh is one of those bad boy types but he has a sweet side as well. We get along better than anyone, we're like peas and carrots... When we're together it's like everything is going to be okay. We've been talking about moving to Florida in October for college and to me it doesn't sound like that bad of an idea. Living with him would be heaven. He's already graudated from school, he's 19 and his body is oh so perfect. My Mom grew up with his father and she absolutely adores him. Sometimes I feel like all he does is get what he needs out of me and then he bounces. I pay his phone bill, give him a place to stay, and give him whatever he needs including sex. Oh, did I mention? He has a girlfriend.
Rick; Rick is the sweetest man you'll ever meet. He recently went through a lot and attempted suicide with a gun, when he got out of the hospital he started a relationship with a beautiful girl named Amanda (who he is currently still with) He has always been there for me and genuinly cares about me. We have always had a crush on each other and have always got along. He is a hott ass country boy with BAD habits and a big truck (that he lets me drive) He has never disrespected me and is all around an amazing person. He's had a hard past but he is working through it. I haven't had sex with Rick because I am sexually active with Josh and I couldn't allow myself to have sex with two different guys. I know in the long run Rick is the right one but did I mention? He has a baby on the way...
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  • lol u women really gotta start proving me wrong but they won't


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  • Honestly? Neither. They both have girlfriends and Rick is about to start a family. Don't be a home wrecker. Regardless of this, if you really did have to choose, I'd say Josh was actually the right one. You get along really well and you've talked about moving in together, which is a big step. Rick has recently gone through a lot and he tried to kill himself.

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't date him, it means that you shouldn't date him right now. You should be there as a friend, to support him through such a difficult time in his life, and if something develops later on, then that happens. But right now, stay away from a romantic relationship with Rick (and I'd recommend doing the same with Josh)


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  • Choose none of those. Come on. One is using you to get anything he needs and the other one is not mentally stable. Let's not forget they both have girlfriends. You are not respecting yourself. Just wait for a decent guy that loves you and is single.

  • Ummm... you need to drop both of them and find your own man. You are being used by Josh BIG TIME. Why would he leave you alone? Free sex and you pay his bills. He's living it up. BOTH men are in relationships and Rick has a baby on the way. This spells disaster all around. Men will not have respect for you if you don't have respect for yourself and they will continue to use you as long as you allow it. You also have no respect for the ladies in the relationships and that doesn't speak very highly of you. You should put yourself in their shoes, especially the one that is pregnant. You should also think about the fact that you are contemplating and attempting to take that baby's daddy away from him/her before he/she is even born. Now put yourself in that baby's shoes. Do you realize what that does to kids. Don't play a part in screwing up that baby's life.

  • At least Josh just has a girlfriend.


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