Should I go out with a guy if I have been seeing another guy for a month?

Hey everyone. I have a question and I wanted to get people thoughts about it. I have been seeing this guy for a month (Let's call this guy 1) and couple of days ago another guy (guy 2) asked me out and for some reason I'm very hesitant to accept. I know that I'm not exclusive with guy 1 but I just feel bad if I say yes to guy 2 and I'm a bit worried that guy 1 will see me with guy 2. I don't understand why I'll feel bad if I say yes to guy 2 because before I didn't hesitate to go out on dates with different guys but now I'm very hesitant even though I'm not exclusively with a guy. Is it okay to go out on a date with another guy if you have been seeing a guy for a month?

And yes, I've been intimate with guy 1.


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  • if its just dating, then nothing wrong with it, the only thing that will hold you back is your own values of "am I the date 1 person at a time individual" or not. but I personally don't see a problem with it, only if you're exclusively dating.


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  • Well maybe guy one and you should have a talk about if it's okay to date other people first if you are hesitant. See how he feels and if he wants to date other people.

    • Thanks! I think I'm going to do that. I wasn't planning to sleep with guy 2 because I personally find it disgusting to sleep multiple people especially when you have been seeing someone regularly for a month.

    • Or at least, I am going to tell him that I'm not going to see him and sleep with him if he's seeing someone else because I'm not going to be someone's fallback.

    • No problem. Asking what you guys are and if you want to make it more exclusive or if you are free to date other people is the easiest way. You know the answer n u can base ur choice off of that!

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  • You get physical with guy one and you don't feel emotion that is un-womanly, if you do this with guy one, you will do it with two, three, till infinity... Sorry but this is so whoriffying.


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  • Yeah its perfectly fine. Your not cheating on the other guy. Technically your not dating the other guy. Your just sleeping with him. You can go out with 7 different guys and you aren't cheating because you haven't titled it with anybody yet. As in boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • We are together outside the bedroom as well. It's not like we are only seeing each in the bedroom. He have been taking me out on dates, and now when we see each other we kiss hello and when we are saying goodbye we kiss and so on, that's why I'm asking. If I was just sleeping with him then I wouldn't hesitate.

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