Guys, Should I say or should I go?

There is this guy that I’ve been seeing on and off for 9 months now and every time I try to walk away he comes back.

Last Dec, we broke because he wasn’t over his EX. This happened after he already said how much he liked me and how great I was. I told him that he never liked me and that I was just a distraction for him.

In Feb, he contacted me and told me that he missed me. I missed him so I decided to give it another try. We did not last a full week because I wanted to talk about our relationship and he blew me off. He said "let just forget about this whole thing and more on". The next day I CUSSED him out and said some pretty mean things to him (I’m so embarrassed about what I said to him). He apologized for the way he treated me and said he didn't think we could ever be in a relationship, even a friendship, after everything that happened. I apologized about the things I said to him and told him that if we had gotten to know eachother the right way none of this would have happened.

2 weeks later I get an email from him asking me to be friends because I'm "such a good person." I asked him if he wanted to hang out later in the week because I wanted to see if he would blow me off like before, but to my shock, he said he would try to make even though he had homework and a final to do (he's in grad school). He then asked me come hang out with him that day. I said sure and came over to hang with him. I learned much about him in that one day then I had the entire time I've known him. He was even telling jokes! I was so comfortable around him. Before I knew it he kissed me. We ended up making out for 20 minutes. We talked for some more and he drove me home (usually I would go home myself) and kissed me goodnight.

I would like to think that he thought about me saying that we should have gotten to know eachother first before we jumped in out "relationship" but I can't be sure of that.

Do you think he's
Do you think he's trying to rekindle the relationship through friend?


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  • He is confused, he will treat you like shit if he thinks he has found someone like who could be an upgrade

  • It sounds to me as if he is still interested in you.


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