Does approaching women in the day time work to find a relationship?

I know Nightclubs are not the perfect place with all booze in a persons system. Will asking women for a date in general public a bad idea or does it only work for tall and good looking lads?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • 100% yes. I mean, it's better than a bar or anything of the like. Day time is much better for people who are serious.

    • How like say seeing a women on a park bench and going over and asking her for a date then talking for a bit?

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    • Can I just say something though, how would you feel if ONE lad rejected you?

    • I would feel a bit bummed but I know that there is no shortage of men in this world. You have to think of it that way.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, you just have to play it cool. The more keyed up and douchy you seem, the less success you'll have. The key is to just interact with women on a friendly basis. Don't give them a hard sell. Just talk and keep things light-hearted and give them a chance to see that you're a fun and pleasant guy. Out of maybe 25 girls I've dated, I've only met two or three in bar or club setting.

    • what you mean play it cool?

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    • Most young guys are constantly thinking about sex, most young girls aren't. When I'm at the store picking out apples, I'm thinking about the blonde in history class that I want to fuck. When a girl is at the store picking out apples, she's thinking about which apples to pick.

    • So your saying if I have a mindset to get to know her rather than sex would it work?

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What Girls Said 1

  • It's definitely better than hitting on them at nightclubs.

    • Well how would you feel if a average lad came up to you and asked to take you out on a date and complimented you... would I look like a creep?

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    • Well I guess that's my game over! When this is all over am going to have no soul left from it all, how much plastic surgery these days... booktrovert? lol

    • Of course someone will fall in love with you including your face. Maybe you have a distorted self-perception.

What Guys Said 1

  • i find the daytime better personally. I absolutely hate nightclubs

    • How do you go about it?

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    • Lots of questions this is an interrogation hahaha. Ok relax bro am joking dont get your knickers in a twist just never done this shit before am used to bars and clubs scene thats all and its tough out there for the average lad. One more question... does it seem desperate when asking a girl out?

    • it depends on how you ask them... but its mostly in your body language and what you say. It's not desperate to ask out someone who interests you, but you need to build some kind of rapport first

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