Is it over for me should I move on?

I work at a clothes store and like a girl quite a lot , months ago we had a great realtionship never got to kiss her or anything but some touching and loads of talking did happen and she expressed genuine interest in me... the thing is i am going to college in 5 months so she doesn't want any bad or broken feelings to develop (also some friends discourged her saying that i am no good) so she refused to have a realtionship with me , i was okay with it but sad , anyway we remained good friends talking often until this new guy came ( cahsiet by the way ) he is not excpetionally bright or has a great body ( skinny) kinda good looking but is taken (gf) , this girl started talking to him more and more often neglecting me and not even beothering to talk to me or text me, she is still very nice to me though, now iam no model but i am good enough for any girls , here are some things she does should i just forget about her and move on :

1- she never liked touching to start with but she used to laugh when i tickle her , now she frowns and gets angry at me.
2-my Spanish is really good unlike hers and when she's talking to someone and needs some translation she always ask me for help , she just talks to me when i am useful.
3- she doesn't want to talk anymore, texts are rather short on her side and never seemed thrilled opening a conversation with me at work she even went as far as saying that there isn't anything interesting to talk about anyway... yet she discusses the most random shit with this new guy , i mean who the hell cares about the sound bottle caps make?
4- doest look at me as she did before, staring rarely happens these days if iam lucky and she doesn't even look at me as often if ever.
5- when i see her talking to someone (usually a guy) and i try to share my opinion she just wraps it up smiles and leaves or just changes the subject and leaves.
6- the feeling she gives me when i look at her says a lot , isn't as warm as before

I am being nice to her and all since i am a nice person but how much is enough? seriously iam no longer interested in helping her and gaining nothing , dont want to make her sad but i feel used and i would like to change that , any ideas?


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  • Go to college and meet another girl. At college you don't want your attention to be distracted by someone back home. You will need to focus which means you need to stay on campus weekends and won't have time for a hometown girl.

    • well she's going to college too so we won't see each other anymore

  • She's friendzoner who is making use of you.
    Now, if you are interested to help her as a friend, keep doing the things but if it bugs you or wastes your time, start neglecting her slowly.


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