Ex bf asked if I'm seeing someone but then ignored me afterwards. Why?

My ex bf broke up with me 6 months ago or so, saying he didn't feel the same for me and wasn't looking for a relationship. Anyway, he's been texting me on and off since our breakup, asking to meet up as friends, which I declined. Then two days ago, he texted me asking me how I was doing. I replied back and we texted back and forth for a bit. At the end of our conversation, he asked whether I had met an interesting guy. I said no not really and asked if he had met someone. He replied 'no not anyone very special...'

I replied back with 'I see :)' because I didn't know what else to write. Anyway, he stopped writing to me anymore since then and hardly comes online on whatsapp.

Why did he stop talking to me after finding out that information?


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  • He's a jerk and he only wanted to check if you're still "his", so his ego can be in piece.

    • Thank you so much for your answer and you're right.

  • Ego. Nosiness.
    Most likely he wanted to reassure himself that you may be waiting around for him or if his time to see if the grass is really greener ends badly, then he can go right back to you. Which is kinda a smack in the face :/
    The fact that he stopped conversation means that he wasn't serious about actually reconnecting or having a productive convo. He just wanted to check in and be nosey -_-
    Typically when someone dumps you, leaves you, gives up on you, and is a quitter in your relationship, you should walk away with your self-respect and dignity and never give them the time of day again. Otherwise it can make you look pathetic like this dude up and nowhere dumped you like trash yet you will still give him the satisfaction of being acknowledged, invited, and included into your life on some level. Not a good look girl

    • I know. The thing is I haven't been waiting around for him. I started going on dates the past few months now and went on one last month. What you say is right though.. I need to move on for real and stop responding to his texts because the only thing he is doing is boosting his ego.

    • @Asker you've got the right idea deep down :)
      You are only boosting his ego and making him feel like he can just walk in and out of your life whenever he feels like it and you'll always be there with open arms even after he's smacked you in the face smdh
      It's okay to boldly acknowledge and express not so pleasant feelings someone gave you. It is okay to show them that what they did was hurtful and you are not okay with their actions towards you. Are you really that cool with him leaving you out of nowhere because "he didn't feel the same way and didn't want a relationship"? -_- I highly doubt it. I imagine that caused quite a bit of hurt and maybe even anger. Sooo... why act like you guys are cool when he did something f*cked up towards you?

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