Is this guy bad news I'm afraid for safety reasons?

I'm in college and he was in my histroy class all this semester. Well he never showed intrest in me, and I in him either. It was the last day of class and he flagged me down and asked for my number if we could study together. We are from the same town and I said sure. I thought it would've only been study purposes, but he immediately started texting me. I thought it was cute a flirted back, I'm not that attracted to him but I had yet to get to know him. For this whole past weekend he has been messaging me nonstop constatnly and It's kinda weird. I went hom this weekend and he keeps asking when I'm going to come back to campus and I told him I wasn't sure and he got frustrated, and then he started asking for directions to my home and Its creepy. He doesn't seem like he'd hurt me but being so pushy it weirding me out. Am I being paranoid or is this a sign?


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  • He seems to be pushing for things a bit to fast, just ignore him, and show that you will not put up with his behavior. Starting to sound like a potential stalker,

    • like he asked if we could meet to study and i said Wednesday but only for an hour, bc well it's history, which doesn't take that much and he started trying to reason with me as to why we needed to study longer and i told him no, it had chem to study for.

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    • he's making me nervous, I woke up with 5 messages from him! I'm not sure if it's serious enough but I'v thought about telling my mother.

    • Tell your mother, it helps to talk about these things, he seems very clinging and needy :/

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  • That is weird. Tell him that you'll see him on campus and that you're uncomfortable with him going to see you at your house. If he doesn't get the message, stop talking to him and report it to the police (especially if it escalates).

    • he's been asking about which dorm I live in, and he lives in the same city and he's asking where i live there. it's very weird and its making me uncomfortable, and id hate to get the law involved but im really creeped out. my guy friends say he's just curious but why would he ask my locations?

    • If it's making you uncomfortable, you have to tell him. The police are a last resort if he doesn't listen or back off.

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