He didn´t call me after first date, should I panic?

Hi all,

i met this guy online (he approached me). We chatted together for few days, we both enjoyed and we had our first date yersterday. It was really great and he mentioned several times that he is enjoying it. Before he left, I also told him that I had a good time with him, thanked him and kissed him on a cheek. He sent me also thank you text and where he stated that he really enjoyed our date. But he didn´t call nor text today..

Was he just polite or is he just trying not to look desperate?
before we met, we were chatting every single day. he asked me how i´m doing, how´s my day, etc, but today NOTHING..
he texted me 24,5 hours after our date and since then we are constantly in touch. Our next date is on Sunday :)


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  • Probably wants to give you space. Not come off as clingy. If he doesn't contact you in a few days, contact him.

    • What should I tell him when I contact him? I also don´t want to be clingy or bother him, but I like him, so I don´t want to lose a good guy.

    • Well clingy is more like always bothering someone; it's stalkerish. Acting like you care is what you're suppose to do if you want a relationship.

      Just act normal. Don't text, call him. "Hey what's up? Do you want to hang out again?"

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  • It's ok to make the first move too.


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