How do you recover from one bad date?

I went out with this girl yesterday, it was our second date but I think because of my nerves I came across as needy, we went to a art gallery but I kept making silly jokes, and then we went to grab coffee after and by then I felt a lot more relaxed, and things started going well, we were both laughing. I had also got her a present since it was her birthday a couple of days ago which I just realised may have look like I was coming on too strong.

At the end we were on the train and when we got to her stop she thanked me for the present and we stared for a bit but since it was quite packed we just hugged. she texted me after saying I spoil her and thanked me for the day out and perfume but no mention of a follow up.

Our first date went really well and I quite like her so any ideas on how to recover from this without coming across too strong?


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  • I think that it was perfect. She wouldn't have texted you right away if she wasn't interested. Maybe she was waiting for you to ask her out again? On the next date, as soon as you can, make your intentions clear!- give the poor girl a kiss!

    • Could not have said it better myself. @Poppykate is right. The fact she stared at you while not saying anything probably was an indication she wanted you to kiss her.

      Call her up and get that 3rd date set up and enjoy yourself. She seems nice.

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