A quite interesting and confusing situation. Can someone help me?

Hey guys,
I like a girl, but she doesn't know it (I guess). A friend of mine asked her about what does she think about boys from my country. And her answer was that she isn't interested in boys from mycountry. However her ex boyfriend was from my country as well (2 years ago and they dated for 2 weeks). I think that might have influenced her opinion about the boys from my country. Also yesterday I posted a photo on Instagram. And I received a notification that she liked it. But when I opened the app her name wasn't there. It might have been a bug of Instagram (When you like a pic, your like disappears after a few seconds) or she might have liked it accidentally and unliked it. Or maybe even she liked it and then unliked it on purpose. I'm a quite shy guy and I'm afraid to talk to her. I just want to know what she thinks about me. Can someone help me?


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  • add another picture and see what happens.

    • I did, but she didn't like it. She has never liked one. And when I received the notification I was really surprised. But I don't know. Perhaps she hasn't seen the new one.

    • I think she is not interested, if she has'nt seen or liked.
      better try texting if u can.

    • I don't know why, but I'm scared to do that. I think I'll just move on. I'm not sure though Thanks anyways :)

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