How often do Navy SEALs get deployed?

My boyfriend wants to go into the military and I'm wondering about deployment and will he be safe?


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  • Navy SEALs have 18 months off, 6 months on. This means they are typically state side training for their next mission 18 months and then deploy to said location for about 6 months.

    The military in general it depends on the job, branch, etc. You could get deployed for a month or 12+ months. It all depends. It's not COD either.

    Will he be safe? I can tell you regardless of your job you are more safe deployed than being home. Oh and I'm military for those who want to down vote me.


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  • Him going into the military and him going into navy seals are two different things.
    No one knows because a lot of what they do is classified. You really only hear about missions that were great successes like Osama bin laden and that captain phillips dude or you hear about compete disasters like the mission a bunch went on shortly after osama and their helicopter crashed killing a whole team.

    The chances of your bf getting into the Navy Seals is less than 20% and that's assuming he's at peak physical fitness and has the mentality for it.

  • From what I understand VERY often. Those dudes are HARDCORE


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