Do disintegerous whores deserve backlash and aggression?

A whore is someone who abandons decency, integrity, and a moral compass for the sake of their own genital, ego, or self-interest. These people are so self-absorbed that they don't care who gets hurt or troubled in the process of their greedy quest to satisfy and sexually gratify themselves.

For example, the classic homewrecker situation where a man or woman is knowingly aware that someone they're interested in has a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a family with kids and a husband/wife. Yet they agree to participate in a sleazy, disgsting situation. People try to say it's the one who's commited that should be at fault. I say THEY ARE BOTH AT FAULT: They were both wrong and they were both nasty ass skanks. They both deserve backlash and aggression. What do you think?

Do you think whores deserve the backlash from society/social circles and aggression from others?
Is it really any different from a not so nice b*tch or asshole reciving backlash from society/social circles and aggression from others?


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  • In my book, a whore is somebody who gets paid to have sex. But I do know the group of low-born, ignorant gutter sluts that you are describing. I think they get scorned by good people and find acceptance only among their moral equivalents. That isn't going to change. I don't see many of them skanky pants troglodytes having a life that I envy.

    • What's with the use of the word "low-born"?

    • "The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean" was a very well written, humorous movie of the early 1970s. In this scene, the Judge is talking to several women who, in the earliest days of the town were prostitutes but have nor risen to be the wives of some prominent citizens.

      Judge Roy Bean: [Bean apologizes to the marshals' wives] I understand you have taken exception to my calling you whores. I'm sorry. I apologize. I ask you to note that I did not call you callous-ass strumpets, fornicatresses, or low-born gutter sluts. But I did say "whores." No escaping that. And for that slip of the tongue, I apologize.

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  • I think what another person does with their body is none of your damn business and no one has the right to judge people for their sexual activities. HOWEVER, knowingly hurting other people is wrong and people do deserve to be judged for that. Obviously, if someone intentionally tries to or successfully sleeps with a "committed" person, they are in the wrong, and it's not OK to do that, but it's still the person who was supposedly committed that is worse.

    I don't like the words whore and slut being used to insult people, particularly women. I think it's demeaning to our gender as a whole, and I think those words bring with them very negative connotations and assumptions about women based on something that has no bearing on their moral standing. How much sex a woman has, with how many people, is her business and hers alone. If her sexual activities hurt other people, it's not the actual sex that does the hurting - it's the context (cheating on a partner, knowingly sleeping with another person's partner, knowingly passing on STI's, etc).

    • If what another person does with their body ultimately effects me and my business then IT BECOMES MY DAMN BUSINESS. I don't care if whores don't like to be called out on their disgusting ways. That's like a pedophile saying what he does in his private time with his body is his own business so "leave me alone and let me be a sleazy piece of filth. I'm not bothering you." IT'S THE PRINCIPAL.

      They are both equally disgusting and they both deserve to be called out for their nasty ways.
      The words whore and slut should be used to insult men as well as women who fit the description. If you don't want to be called a whore, then don't act like one and don't let your coochie make you do things that are going to cause someone else pain.

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  • All is fair in love and war. I'm trying to be the best man whore I can be. I don't go for anyone who is a couple though. That's just my personal decision.

  • I don't think they deserve backlash and aggression because if the other person weren't such unfaithful, unloyal, undisciplined shits, then she wouldn't be able to get shit.

  • whores are just the messenger. the message is: your man is a prick.

    • Both of them are whores. Neither should be exempted from their sleazy, disgusting, tactless ways. A whore is a whore: doesn't matter what position they're in.

    • let me rephrase that: whores are just the messenger. The message is: your man does not love you. You can waste your time railing against the messengers in your fight against affirmation, but more will come. Or, you can concede and move on. I guess it just depends on how bitter you wish to be.

    • Both are whores and they both deserve punishment despite your assumptions and speculations about my life considering details I have not mentioned.

  • Vengeance just leads to more vengeance, the cycle will not break if we continue to lash out at TRASH who cheat.

    It might be tough to not do anything, but that is the best option in this scenario. Karma will take care of the two cheating scumbag pieces of shit, no need to get your hands dirty. The moment you try to lash out or anything of the sort they will think their actions were justified and will not learn from this listen.

    Karma has a weird way of working, it might take sometime but they will feel justice in one form or another.


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  • Sometimes I think people make misyakes. So we don't think about others feelings. So no I don't think that the person who isn't committed is the one at fault they don't know the person which can bring about a lack of guilt or compassion. The person who is committed is the one who has to face the person they've potentially hurt.

    • That's a bunch of bullsh*t. A mistake is something you do on accident. You don't accidentally act like a whore -_- Many times people make piss poor, ugly, sh*tty DECISIONS/CHOICES/AGREEMENTS and try to call them "mistakes".
      They both should face repercussions. They are both nasty whores.

  • You mean a whore as in hooker who get paid for sex? Then really, the boyfriend is at fault to pay her to have sex. She has nothing to do with the situation and just does her job.
    A whore as in slut, maybe she didn't know the guy had a girlfriend and then she wasn't the one at fault. Women have needs too and if they sleep with lots of men to fulfill those needs without causing trouble (like homewrecking), I don't see a problem with that.
    If it was a girl who slept with a guy from who she knew he had a girlfriend, then both are at fault. Then she's a total bitch (the guy too) and both should be ashamed.

  • What exactly do you mean by 'backlash' and 'aggression'?

    • This is what I'm wondering. It could be anywhere from minor to severe depending on the sanity of the person enacting this vengeance.

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