I have suspicions about my boyfriend's behavior. Should I ask his ex-fiancee about it?

My boyfriend and I have been on and off two years. We are long distance. Recently I've become suspicious of his actions in general online. He's more clingy and whiny than usual. He wants all the attention on him. He's talking about me behind my back. He's made fun of my weight. It's driving me insane. And because of frustrations and the long distance I'm seriously thinking about ending it.

I wonder if it's okay to contact his ex fiancee and ask if this is normal behavior for him. Either way if he finds out I'm ready to confront him but I'm just tired of the waiting.


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  • "e's made fun of my weight." = npt a good bf

    after since u r "on and off"... wot makes u want 2 still b with him?


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  • If you talk to his ex you run the risk of her going back and filling him in on what's going on

  • You would still think of asking your ex fiance for any type of advice? That sounds like a problem.


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