Anyone here ever notice how -done- so called casual daters are so paranoid about anyone developing feelings that the dating is anything but casual?

I've never been a looking for a bf or soul mate kind if it's on. I date casually but, if anything happens I'm ok with that too. I'm very relaxed about it. You'd think this would open my pool of options to casual inbetween to serious. But Nope.

Serious dates don't want to waste their time with non serious. Understandable. But I can't stand casual dating guys they are impossible. They are so nervous about feelings I feel likeim being monitored all the find and they are always keeping the barbecues in check it's just neurotic and annoying and I wonder why they bother dating at all.


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  • Niggas "keeping their barbecues in check". That's actually a great analogy for managing implicit emotions.

    • I think things being casual is about not worrying about caring as apposed to worrying about caring. The worry is what makes it serious not the caring-- in my opinion.

    • I think what you said holds merit. Its about getting to the point where u want to care.

  • What's the question?

    • "Anyone ever notice?"

      That was the question.

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