What should I do? I need advice on what to say to either of them?

So this guy I'm talking to not really boyfriend and girlfriend "yet" is mad at me. Here's the story. I went on a trip to Chicago with my choir and marching band. The guy I talk to doesn't go to my school but one of his friends does who happens to be in choir with me. Well his friend kissed me. And now he's mad at me. Me and his friend literally just started talking a few days ago. I didn't know he was going to kiss me and I didn't kiss him back and I don't like him like that and I tried to tell my guy that but he practically called me a hoe and dumb. But it wasn't my fault. And I just don't know what to do. And now I think his friend really likes me and I'm trying to say we should he friends. Plus thw guy who kissed me doesn't know about me and his friend have a thing going on.


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  • It's not easy for a guy to get over his friend kissing the girl he likes, so just give him some time. Talk to him face to face, tell him that you're sorry but you didn't reciprocated, it wasn't your fault.
    Maybe he doesn't believe you, at first, but he'll eventually will if you are 100% honest and say it with your heart.
    Don't text him every day, give him a little space. Like I said, talk to him face to face if you can, if not, text him and then wait like 2-3 days to text him again.


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  • Did you let his friend kiss you? If the girl I was dating allowed my friend to kiss her, then I would have been upset as well.

  • Maybe he is angry because he can't look at you without thinking about his friend kissing you, just give it time and that feeling will pass


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