Do mothers remember if a girl gave her child a hard time at school?

I'm referring to the school years from grades 3rd to 7th. The guy has recently moved in to my job, we're now both 19 and have been going out in a couple dates. Apparently, he has forgotten about how much of a hard time I gave him back then; sometimes I had others escorting him out after school.

Though, his mother one day found out and went through to the office. That's the only time, she actually saw me and like confronted me about it; because of her and someone else caught me by accident I nearly got suspended. But ok whatever... I was 12 then. It's been ages since then.

But if her mother were to see me now... wouldn't she say something about back then?


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  • You dated a guy you gave a hard time back in school?

    What, did he grow into his jawline or something?

    • Yes, I did and it wasn't just name callings. Well today it's called bullying. But I always thought he was kind of cute back then. Basically, my way of showing I somewhat care was by being mean and becoming his main school tormentor (the earliest memory was stepping on all his toys and sand castle or throwing mud in his face then laughing).

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    • @Asker

      Huh, interesting. Well I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that the mother would maybe be concerned since a parent is usually going to be protective over their child, particularly if the child was harassed by one that that's now interested in him, so I think it's quite possible that she may mention something if she has a clearer memory than he does.

      I certainly think my mother would. Though I can't recall any moments where a girl tormented me horribly when I was younger, though if I could I think it "would" bother me a little now if we were about to go out.

    • but he hasn't mention it at all... I recalled clearly how it came to a point he feel like going to school back then.
      If it ever came the time where I were to meet the mother again, should I be saying something or just treating her as if meeting her for the first time and don't mention it at all?

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  • she'd probably say its his life and his choices.

    • yeah and it's true. It's his choice and apparently he has forgotten about it. He hasn't mentioned it at all either. I was just a kid then.

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    • either that..

    • yea that could be it.

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