What is she thinking? How does she feel?

Me and my friend yeah i akready asked a bit like this.
Whats she doing or thinking..
Were friends. Her parents love me and Sleep over her house all the time (weekends) (breaks)
And no matter who its in front of were always close having our arms around eachother and things like that kissing sleeping together and etc .
I've gained feelings for her This time we started doing this I don't know if she knows but my Buddy talked to me tellin Me a sparjlesparkle in my eye is back... It only happens when i have feelings for someone.
Last time i was with her it was me her anda few of her friends and my buddys. When we were chilling she just sits on well there when im layong laying down blah blah yeah and I don't know..
Its hard to explain.. What is she feeling and etc .
P. s we never talked about dating but weve gotten close this past time i saw her


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  • Just talk to her, be open and honest, tell her how you feel


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