There's been major changes, should I say something or just let it die out?

well this guy & I have been talking for like a month now but we've been friends for like 4 years, we always had feelings for each other but for some reason never made moves. He was always busy with school & work & so was I. But then recently he kept doing this thing where he'd talk to me A LOT for a few weeks & then completely ignore for another few weeks or he'd ask to hang out & then flake & ignore me for the next few days, he did this twice. & then one time we hung out, but after that he stopped talking to me for 2 weeks. this shit got really annoying bc I felt like he was messing with me even though we werent dating or anything. SO, I kind of told him & then I sort of ignored him bc I was mad and decided that if I spoke to him while I was mad i'd say some pretty messed up stuff but he kept messaging me & he was like "I guess you dont want me to ask you out or something" but later I responded & long story short we decided to try it out. the first two weeks he'd call me on his three breaks at work, which was cool I guess & he'd try to hang out but I was always busy when he wasn't and when I wasn't busy he was. Eventually we got to hang out, we met half way. The next week we hung out again. we kissed. but then the week after that, one day we were talking & I had been telling him about how much hw I had & I was stressed out & he asked to hang out, I reminded him that I had a shit ton of hw & asked if we could hang the next day. The next day after work, he got home & said he had to help his dad with something. ok, I figured we couldn't hang so I was like whatevs. about an hour later he's at his friends house. I thought, WOW this is so him, this is the shit he used to do to me all the time. Anyways, we barely talk anymore, we message for like an hour at night. he doesn't reply to me ALL day but he goes on social media. I don't know what to do really.


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  • I don't know what to say, are you officially BF & GF?

    • nope.. thats why I'm not sure if I should say anything. I don't want to come off as a bitch

    • I see how this can be a real pain. If you can bare to just let die, do it. But if the feeling eats you away, I feel like it's just best to have an open honest talk. You've made out already, so there's no denying something happened. But to be honest, I wouldn't be sure how to do that myself. Someone has to step up and cut the games. It seems like he is the one playing them. 'Cause from what I understand, you've been pretty much consistent.

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